Sunday, October 04, 2020

Halloween Interview at AEIOU and Sometimes Why

Every October, Dex at the AEIOU and Sometimes Why blog interviews people about their Halloween memories and traditions. It's a cool project and I was thrilled when he invited me to participate this year. I talk about my favorite costumes, candy, movies, music, and just what makes Halloween such a special time. Check it out and the other interviews Dex has going all season long.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Such a fun survey! It’s got my brain rushing with memories of past Halloween’s! Maybe I’ll post some of these questions throughout the month!

hope you get to keep traditions going while David is away at school.

Michael May said...

It's gonna be weird and hard with the virus, but I expect that a Jack O'Lantern-shaped pizza will be eaten. And movies will be watched. It'll just be strange to watch them straight through without having to answer the door all night.


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