Saturday, October 17, 2020

15 Favorite Horror Movies: Marrowbone (2017)

Marrowbone is an excellent gothic chiller that further proves that Anya Taylor-Joy knows how to pick horror films.

It takes place in the 1960s as a woman brings her four children back to her childhood home in an attempt to escape something horrible that's recently happened to them. When she grows sick and dies, the kids (two of whom are played by Mia Goth and Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton) have to try to carry on as normal so that they're not split up by foster care, all the while working through and fighting against something deadly from their past.

Taylor-Joy plays a local woman whom the oldest sibling meets in town and falls for, dividing his attention and weakening his commitment to his sister and brothers. Their house is super creepy, the mystery is great, and it all works together in an exciting, satisfying way. 

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