Thursday, October 01, 2020

Countdown to Halloween 2020

It's October, so that means time once again to Countdown to Halloween. As usual, I'm participating in an official way with the Countdown to Halloween website, where you can find links to a bunch of cool Halloween enthusiasts who are committed to providing spooky content all month long.

I struggled with what I was going to do this year as a theme though. I wasn't feeling passionate about a particular, narrow topic to talk about like I've done in the past with werewolves, witches, gothic stories, etc. But I wanted to do something more unified than just Random Horror Movies I've Been Watching. 

What I've settled on is to do a couple of different smaller series of posts. First, I'm going to run through 15 of my favorite horror movies. This was an idea that Jessica Hickman had for the Filthy Horrors podcast. Since we record that podcast in person, Filthy Horrors is on indefinite hiatus during the pandemic. So Jess had the idea for us to have some Halloween content on our website by each host's creating a list of 15 favorite horror movies. They're just going to be lists though without any commentary, so I decided to expand on mine here for the next fifteen days.

After that, I'm going to finally watch and write about the Friday the 13th film series. I think I've only ever seen the first film, but I've always been curious about the saga. And since I had such a fun time catching up on the Halloween series (holy crap, it was thirteen years ago!), I'm going to finally do the same with Friday the 13th.

Somewhere in there I'll sprinkle in some Halloween-related podcast episodes and that'll get us to October 31st. It's going to be a weird Halloween this year without traditional Trick or Treating, so it's doubly important to celebrate the other aspects of the holiday as much as possible.


Caesareus said...

Hi Mike! I'been reading your blog since... I don't remember, but it has become a tradition to look at it every October 1st, it really help to set the mood for the season and always pretty fun and enjoyable, have a great October, thanks for your articles and the good work, greeting!

Caffeinated Joe said...

Sounds great! Love the F13 films, so interested (and worried) to hear what you think. Happy October!

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Its a weird Halloween for all of us. The park used to set up spooky decorations after Labor Day so I was always prepared to create or watch something seasonal, now they're closing their brief season early and October has snuck up on me for the first time in years!

I'll be curious about your review of the Friday the 13th. I've only seen the original as well but I've been told it gets as zany as it does repetitive so that could impact a binge viewing.

Sorry to see you Jess and Darla won't be talking about horror movies on I hope our Mystery Movie Night coverage of Halloween will help scratch the itch. (Though it looks like you have a jump start on reviewing that franchise too)
It'll be fun to see what make the cut of your respective Top 15 lists. Knowing you and Jess I have some speculation about what will make your lists. It will be fun to see some recommendations as well!


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