Monday, October 05, 2020

AfterLUNCH | The Expendables of Horror (Undead Edition)

Last October, the Fourth Chair Army Invasion created an Expendables of Horror movie featuring only living actors. This year on AfterLUNCH, Joanna from Bloody Popcorn, Evan Hanson, Rob Graham, and I resurrect our favorite dead actors to create our all-star cast. We pick the actors, discuss the types of roles they'd play, and Evan writes a plot. Listen and imagine The Evil Hunters... IF YOU DARE!

Download or listen to the episode here.


Anonymous said...

May I please ask whom you cast and in what roles? I'm not very good at listening to podcasts (one always wants to take part in the conversation too much to settle down and LISTEN), but find this concept absolutely delightful and would love to learn more!

Michael May said...

You bet! If I remember correctly, we had Roddy McDowall and Peter Lorre as brothers (the sons of Basil Rathbone) working against each other to control a supernatural being played by Christopher Lee.

Paralleling them are Steve McQueen and Bill Paxton as brothers working with Margot Kidder to stop the evil. I forget if they're fully on McDowall's side, because we left it vague about whether McDowall is an actual good guy or a bad guy pretending to be a good guy.

Peter Cushing fit in there somehow, I think as a mentor to our heroes. Zelda Rubinstein is a creepy ally to the good guys and Elsa Lanchester is her opposite number, a sinister woman with mysterious motives.

Janet Leigh is an early victim of Lee's monster and Dick Miller is her estranged husband who warns the heroes about the danger.

Anonymous said...

Thank You most kindly for letting me know - this sounds like quite the riot in the House of Horrors! (One does suspect that you might have a certain amount of redundancy in terms of characters; Ms. Rubinstein & Ms. Lanchester appear to occupy much the same niche suggested by the description of Mr McDowall & Mr Lorre's characters - my suggestion would be to go with the ladies, but perhaps allow the gentlemen a cameo as their late, lamented husbands ... ).


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