Friday, February 13, 2009

Writing Update: Lancelot

My occasional writing partner Alex Ness has posted an announcement about a book I contributed the foreword to. There's no hard publication date set yet, but here's the skinny so far. (I'm the "writer of prose," by the way.)
Lancelot from Diminuendo Press (an imprint of Cyberwizard Productions)

“He was the perfect knight, he was the fallen one. He rode to Arthur’s defense, he broke Arthur’s marriage apart. He was noble, kind, and great. He was selfish, foolish, and broken. Who was Lancelot du Lac? Was he a knight of virtue, or a traitor to the crown? He loved a woman, who was queen, but was he a tortured soul in love, or a brazen gigolo who would steal his best friend’s wife? This book is a collection of prose consideration of the man, poetic interpretation of the stories of Lancelot, and artistic renderings of the two very different, yet valid approaches to the story of Lancelot du Lac.”

Two poets, one writer of prose, many fine artists, gathered to create a work that is beautiful, poetic, brutally honest, and romantic about a figure from legend, Sir Lancelot du Lac. It came about at the urgings of a French poet G.F. Evrard that he and (Alex) work together. We gathered our friends, some who did the work, others who fell off project, and we produced something unique. With a prose consideration of the history of the character, two poets each writing their views of the character, in poetic form, and color and black-and-white illustrations of the poems that round a project into more than poetry, more than art, but something quite different.

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