Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where's Hawkeye?

Not the Hawkeye in the picture there. That's actually Daredevil-villain Bullseye pretending to be Hawkeye. What I'm wondering is if Marvel's at all planning to address the issue that there's already a superhero calling herself Hawkeye out there. And doing it with the blessing of the original hero to use that name.

I'd hoped for a while that this would be addressed in Dark Reign. After all, the Young Avengers were going to appear in Mighty Avengers, but that turned out just to be Stature and the Vision. There's going to be a Dark Reign: Hawkeye mini-series, but that's all about Bullseye. And even the Dark Reign: Young Avengers mini-series sounds way more excited about introducing the Young Masters of Evil than about pitting Kate Bishop against Bullseye in a Battle for the Quiver or whatever.

On the other hand, DR:YA writer Paul Cornell says that he "just loves Hawkeye completely," so maybe he's planning to address it and it's just not part of the publicity. I'm really hoping that's the case.

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