Thursday, February 12, 2009

Panel of the Day: Giant Robot vs. T-Rex

Playing around with a new, hopefully-non-time-intensive feature to see if it catches on. Basically, I choose my favorite panel from all the comics I read that day. Today's comes from Planet Saturday Comics, Volume One. I'm still reading it, so I'll spare you the review (that'll likely go up on Robot 6 anyway), but it's great.

Ideally, I'd like this feature to be from a single issue of a periodical series, but the two of those I read today were lame.

I picked up Titans #10 because it's got Black Canary and Wonder Woman (and the rest of the JLA) in it. Wonder Woman has next to nothing to do and Black Canary acts like a frickin amateur. Sigh.

You'd think that Canary would be better in her own title, but you'd be wrong. Green Arrow and Black Canary #17 will likely be the last issue of that series I buy until a new writer comes on board. Andrew Kreisberg seems more interested in Green Arrow than Black Canary. The first story arc is going to be about a psychotic woman who's in love with Green Arrow. Presumably to "test" our heroes' marriage. Whatever. It ought to take them three panels to deal with her, not three issues.

Worse than that, the "Origins and Omens" feature in the back teases what happens to the guy whose ears Canary carelessly, unknowingly, and ridiculously blew out a couple of issues ago. As I thought, he's going to become a supervillain out for revenge on her. And a lame one with a purple suit and a huge sonic-gun for an arm from the looks of it. That's neither the Black Canary nor the sort of supervillain I want to read about.

Sorry to taint a cool giant robot panel with negativity, but I'm really, really disappointed.

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