Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome to the X-Men, Molly...

I don't really have any commentary on the cover to Runaways #10 other than it looks really cool and... is that Spiral's helmet Molly's wearing? Maybe not.

At any rate, it sounds like a promising start to the post-Terry Moore issues. Not that I'm at all happy to see Moore go. I've been enjoying his and Humberto Ramos' time on the series.

For that matter, I can't find confirmation that #10's writer Christopher Yost will be the new full-time writer of the book. And even if he is, I wasn't 100% satisfied with his last Runaways story. That could've just been happenstance though and not indicative that Yost doesn't know what to do with Molly. If he is taking over the book, he's certainly off to a good start by focusing on her in #10.

Okay, I guess I did have some commentary.

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Ian said...

I dropped Runaways shortly into Whedon's run, but this might bring me back.

Whoever coined the term "Moll-ifest Destiny" is a genius.

I wonder how the creative team will shake out, though. Two writers and two pencillers are listed in the solicits, but the issue doesn't sound like it contains multiple stories. Is Yost co-writing with James Asmus, while Sara Pichelli and Emma Rios tag-team the art? Do the creators -- or creative teams -- switch off halfway through?

Is Asmus the latest creator on Marvel's "Fraction Plan," which teams a new face at the House of Ideas with an established name? Is Yost/Asmus the next Fraction/Brubaker or Bendis/Hickman?

So far, Asmus' only writing credits are a couple of X-Men: Manifest Destiny shorts (one featuring a post-Nextwave Tabitha Smith, the other featuring a mourning Nightcrawler), so it would make sense that Marvel would pair him with a more experienced writer.

Pichelli and Rios are also relatively unknown. Pichelli's done fill-in pages on NYX: No Way Home and Eternals recently and drew the Dazzler short in X-Men: Manifest Destiny. Rios has only done Hexed for BOOM! Studios, as far as I'm aware. So, maybe one or the other couldn't finish the ish. Or, maybe one's inking the other, and the solicit copy is misleading.

I guess it's a wait-and-see scenario.


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