Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wonder Woman vs. She-Hulk

I got too busy last week to do a Wonder Woman post and now I've got way more material than will fit comfortably into a single entry. So, I'm gonna spread this out over a few days.

I keep thinking that I should probably start a whole different blog with nothing but Wonder Woman stuff.

Wonder Woman vs. She-Hulk

By George Perez.

Wonder Woman Books and DVD

Former Wonder Woman-editor Paul Kupperberg reviews some Wonder Woman novels (and an anthology) for Bookgasm. I didn't realize there were so many.

One of the novels Kupperberg talks about is a novelization of the new, direct-to-DVD, animated Wonder Woman movie. Apparently, it's pretty good. The reviews I've read have all been positive and most echo CBR's opinion that it's the strongest of DC's animated features yet. Which is pretty cool since I really liked The New Frontier.

I won't be able to see it until it comes out next month, but animator Bruce Timm talked about it at New York Comic-Con and it does sound very promising. According to Geeks of Doom, Timm said, "We kind of look back at the entire history of the character and sort of cherry pick the things we like about each version... then smush them all together to see if they work. So there’s stuff in there from the Linda Carter series, there’s stuff in there from the Greg Rucka run, stuff from the Perez Run, and even stuff from the very first Golden Age stories."

Geeks of Doom also reports Timm as saying that there was originally some bondage elements in there as homage to the Golden Age, but DC asked them to take that out. If I'm reading the report right, Timm didn't have a problem with its being in there, but he also didn't care enough about its staying to make an issue of it. Sounds like the right call to me too.

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