Thursday, February 19, 2009

She-Hulk: For Your Thighs Only

Illustration by Andy Kuhn.

Peter David on She-Hulk's cancellation

I keep forgetting to pick up the last issue of Comic Buyer's Guide. Apparently, Peter David does a lengthy postmortem on She-Hulk in it, though readers disagree about what his point was. I'd like to read it and decide for myself.

She-Hulk bishoujo statue?

You know those awesome bishoujo-style statues they're coming out with for Marvel characters? Wizard's running a poll to see not only which character should be next, but which outfit she should be wearing. She-Hulk's in the running, but she (along with everyone else) is currently being whooped by Jean Grey in the green Phoenix outfit.

Wizard implies that the statues' manufacturers are actually going to use the results in their decision-making.

The Fantastic She-Hulk

Since she's losing on that list, it's nice that She-Hulk did so well in Topless Robot's Six Best Fantastic Four Members Who Weren't Really the Fantastic Four. (They also list the six worst.)

Mantle of the She-Hulk

I'm kind of embarrassed to be saying this after that huge butt-shot there (though I'm guessing that most of it will be covered up by logo on the actual comic), but I'll for sure be buying All-New Savage She-Hulk. I was already leaning that way because Fred Van Lente's writing it and he's awesome, but knowing that the real She-Hulk is also involved removes all doubt.

Although... I'm a bit worried that she appears this early in the series. I'm guessing that she doesn't beat up the new girl and star in the rest of the story herself.

The solicitation for it goes:

Penciled by PETER VALE

As the all-new, all-different She-Hulk continues her relentless rampage through New York, the mysterious target of the desperate mission that brought her to our time period is revealed -- and it's a doozy! Only one thing stands between the daughter of Hulk and Thundra and the object of her quest -- her name is JENNIFER WALTERS, and she won't let the She-Hulk mantle be taken away from her without a catfight that measures 10 on the Richter scale! And no matter what the outcome, the DARK AVENGERS wait in the wings to take on the winner! Plus, 8 pages of Director's Cut-style extras!

40 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99
Geez. The use of the word "catfight" is even more embarrassing than the butt. Way to keep it classy, Marvel.

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