Friday, February 20, 2009

The Complete Crusoe

I just watched the final episode of Crusoe the other night. I'm going to miss that show. It had jungles, pirates, man-traps, a forbidden temple, swordfights, a Swiss Family Robinson-style treehouse, mystery, intrigue, romance, mutiny, betrayal, manly men, womenly women, Sam Neill, and Sean Bean (not that those last two aren't also manly men). Unfortunately, none of that was enough to get the viewers, so it's done now.

Still... a mighty fine thirteen episodes. And though there's certainly more story that could be told with these characters, they managed to wrap everything up in a satisfying way. I guess that's why I'm not more upset about its cancellation. I would love to see it continue, but I'm also thrilled with what I got to enjoy. And since the DVD collection is coming out in May, I'll get to enjoy it all over again.

So long, Rob. You were more fun than TV deserves to be.

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