Monday, February 16, 2009

Lost Boys: The Prequel?

This is way old, but maybe you were like me and missed it the first time. The Lost Boys is probably my favorite vampire movie of all time. I say "probably" because I haven't revisited it in a while to see if it holds up, but I was at exactly the right age during the '80s to think those were the coolest dang vampires that ever lived. Especially Kiefer Sutherland as David. Mullet and all.

When the direct-to-DVD sequel came out last year, I felt about it like Kiefer did. "Lost Boys was a massive part of my life ... You can’t crap on that. And I’m not going to go out and do a cameo in a DVD release sequel." And I wasn't going to go out and watch a DVD release sequel. I have a lot of younger friends who identified with the Frog Bros. or the two Coreys and were just happy to see them on screen again, but for me it was all about the older kids: David and Star and poor, peer-pressured Michael. Without any of them, Lost Boys: The Tribe held zero attraction to me.

But Kiefer's idea about a prequel is something I'd want to watch. According to /Film, "Sutherland says Joel Schumacher suggested a film focusing on David as a mortal, before he turned into an evergreen vampire. A major plot point would have been the earthquake that birthed the vampire clan’s cavern/Jim Morrison shrine."

A lot of comics fans react to Joel Schumacher's name like a vampire to a cross, but that's because of his Batman movies. I'd love to see Schumacher take another - ahem - "stab" at The Lost Boys, whether prequel or sequel. As long as it's got Kiefer in it, I'm there.

Then again, as long as it has Kiefer in it, I'd watch an Uwe Boll Lost Boys movie.

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