Friday, February 27, 2009

Fixing Aquaman (and other ocean treats)

Bad day to be a pirate.

I don't know who it's by, but I found it at Never Sea Land.

Pirate Queen

By Oliver Vatine. Sent to me by Jess.

Your 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Pic of the Week

By Alphonse de Neuville.


CBR's got some information about Jim Su's undersea adventure comic Crozonia. Based on the preview pages I don't have incredibly high expectations for this, but it could be fun. I like the character and ship designs.


From DC Direct.

Fixing Aquaman I: Atlantean Elf

Caleb Mozzocco explains why it is James Kochalka's responsibility as a father to write and draw an Aquaman comic for DC. I concur. That would be one way to make Aquaman cool again. At least for as long as Kochalka was working on the character.

Fixing Aquaman II: Aqualad Mans Up

Ben Morse argues that letting Tempest (formerly Aqualad) inherit the Mantle of the Aqua could do the trick. But he doesn't even really convince himself. (Thanks to Kevin for that link.)

Fixing Aquaman III: Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Aquaman's personality in the DCU may be too established for this to work there, but Batman: The Brave and the Bold has certainly figured out how to make him cool again, proving that it's at least possible.

The bragging, swaggering Aquaman of the BBnB universe is so much fun. He's even winning over die-hard fans of the old DCU version like Rob at the Aquaman Shrine who initially tries to reconcile the two versions before admitting he may be reaching and declares, "All I know is, as this devout Aquaman fan watches this version of the character, it makes me smile." Me too, Rob. Absolutely me too.

The real proof that he's fixed though is when Topless Robot calls him a "fucking badass." High praise indeed.

Hope you're taking notes, DCU.

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