Friday, February 06, 2009

Frankenstein in one image

I agree with Mr. Door Tree at Golden Age Comic Book Stories. This is one of my favorite Frankenstein illustration ever. It captures everything I love about the story in one image.

By Berni Wrightson, obviously.


Osvaldo Montero said...

I totally agree!! It's the essence of the creator's regret versus the creature's pain that haunts both.
By the way, this image doesn't came with the Frankenstein edition I own and I want to print myself a poster of it, do you think you can mail me a full resolution copy? If you have it of course, I don't want to bother, but I'm pretty disappointed with this not being included.

Michael May said...

I'm sorry, Osvaldo, but that's the highest res version I've got. I agree though that would make a great poster and that it's a shame it's not in the edition I have either.

Osvaldo Montero said...

Ok no problem and thanks for sharing it! Do you know how many illustrations were left behind for the book? I think there's a lost pages edition somewhere.

Stephanie said...

Awesome! I have this book. Bernie Wrightson is why I loved Frankenstein.


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