Friday, December 17, 2010

Captain Squidd Comes to Town

Jason Copland has a fun experiment going on the Poutine blog that he shares with Noel Tuazon. I'll let him explain it:
Here are the pages to an unplotted/scripted story I did while on vacation in Las Vegas. I'm putting these pages up for all you writers/storytellers who want to try their hand at constructing something interesting out of them[...]feel free to move the pages around into whatever order you need them to go. Think of them as pieces of a puzzle of your own design.
So I did. And because I'm awesome, I lettered it in PowerPoint. I'm pretty sure that's how Todd Klein does it.

Now I kind of want to find out what happens next...


Jason Copland said...


Ken O said...

This is that George Lucas?!?

Michael May said...

HA! We'd have to ask Jason, but I can see the resemblance.

Jason Copland said...

heh... maybe... ;)


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