Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quotes of the Week: The greatest thing anyone has ever done

Pregnant elf drawing by Sierra ´Skye´ Mattea Ketchum.

Writing into a magazine about D&D to ask how you should handle an unplanned pregnancy is basically the greatest thing anyone has ever done with their life.
--Chris Sims

Martha also decided to pretend to be Black Canary, which sounds like fun until you remember what her super power is.
--Ricardo Signes

Perhaps only three categories are needed: “G,” for young audiences, “T” for teenagers, and “A” for adults. These categories would be not be keyed to specific content but would reflect the board’s considered advice about a film’s gestalt and intended audience. At a time when literally any content can find its way into most American homes, what’s the point of singling out theatrical films? It’s time to admit we’ve lost our innocence.
--Roger Ebert


Colin Smith said...

I love reading your quotes, Mr M. When I grasp the context, I'm always pleased to be reading what I am.

But when I don't grasp the context, as in your first two quotes here, it's as if I've read two of the quotes placed in the "Discuss" section of a General Studies exam.

Mind-boggling ...

Michael May said...

Thanks, Colin.

I've gone back and forth about including some context in my post. I used to do that, but recently decided to try it this way to intrigue and encourage clicking through. If it's annoying though, I don't mind adding some context again.


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