Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Art Show: Adventures into the Unknown!

The Sailing of the Yellow Cog

By NC Wyeth. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Pirate Booty

By Katie Cook. [There are several more in that link.]

The Santa Clause

By Mattias Adolfsson. [Lots more in that link too, including Robo Santa, Western Santa, Jazz Santa, and - gasp! - Nude Santa.]


By Basil Wolverton. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Sea Critter

By Anthony Carpenter.

Ms. Sassy Lady Viking Shark

By Megan Dong.

Mermaid Sailboat Mishap

By Ham Hopfmuller. [Never Sea Land]


By Alex Mitchell. [Part of a Seven Samurai version of the JLA at Project: Rooftop.]

Aquaman and Wonder Woman

By Eric Canate. [JimSmash!!!]

Stranded on Monster Island

By Edvard Moritz. [Admiral Cal]

1 comment:

Ken O said...

The 7 Samurai JLA was so wonderfully fleshed out I wanted to sit down an read a nice long book of it immediately.

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