Saturday, December 18, 2010

Elsewhere... the Kill Team introduced themselves

Kill All Monsters! | Meet the Kill Team

All this week at the Kill All Monsters! blog we ran character profiles for the three members of the Kill Team and the organization they work for. They've also been handily collected for your convenience at Review 2 A Kill.

And, of course, three more pages of the comic went up yesterday while two of the monsters went down.

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs | FX2: The Lost Land

I reviewed a comic that gets closer to the title of my column than any comic I've ever covered there. No gorillas ride any dinosaurs in The Lost Land, but a cowboy does (or a prehistoric reptile anyway). It's a fun story with great art. Don't let its being a sequel keep you away from it. I haven't read the first FX and I never

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