Friday, December 10, 2010

The Awesome List: Strength, Courage, and a Fabulous Sunsword

Captain Marvel meets Superman

Dr. Hermes has the story behind this cool picture.

It's HERE!

I've been whining for years about not being able to buy Thundarr the Barbarian on DVD. Ken O reveals that I can finally shut up and pull out my wallet. Which I've just done. Thanks, Ken!


Mike D. said...

I have waited my whole life for this THUNDARR collection to come out!!!

Ken O said...

I've been told I'm starting to cost some of my friends too much money with the all the suggestions of things to buy.

I'm also amazed that there has been no advertisment on these DVDs. I found it by accident.

Mike D. said...

I followed the link and read along a little bit. There is a photo where George Reeeves is standing next to Kirk. That is not Kirk wearing Georges costume. I think it would be a tad bit loose fitting as Kirk was not the tallest of guys...5'7" ish. So apparently Jackson Bostwick was not very tall himself. I always thought he was...6'1" or so.
But George Reeves was about that.
Unless I'm wrong about it all? :)

Mike D. said...

well..after having looked it up it turns out that Kirk Alyn was around 6'2". But...I still don't believe that's Kirk in George's suit. Kirk had a bit of an athletic build and a barrel chest.
While George though as tall had sort of thin arms. I don't believe it's him. But the gentleman who provided the photo is a SUPERMAN archivist. So once again. I could be wrong. :)


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