Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Awesome List: Game of Dungeons & Dragons

Game of Thrones photos

I couldn't make it through George RR Martin's Game of Thrones, but that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to HBO's TV series. /Film has a ton of pictures from the show and I fully expect it to join the list of filmed adaptations that are better than their books. [Boy, that's a lot of links for two sentences.]

Valid questions about IDW's Dungeons & Dragons comic

Comic shop manager Mike Sterling quizzes an employee about the new Dungeons & Dragon comic:
Mike: “I understand this new Dungeons & Dragons comic is actually supposed to be pretty good.”
Employee Aaron: “Yeah, it really was.”
M: “So are there any gelatinous cubes?”
EA: “Sorry, Mike, but no.”
M: “How ’bout displacer beasts? At least one?”
EA: “Not one.”
M: “Okay, fine…mind flayers?”
EA: “No.”
M: “Beholders. There has to be a Beholder in this comic.”
EA: “There sure isn’t.”
M: “This is a Dungeons & Dragons comic, right?”
Sterling's only getting started with the questions in that snippet. He hasn't even gotten yet to alignments, saving throws, and thieves doing quadruple damage using sneak backstab attacks. The interrogation continues at Sterling's blog and convinces me that if anyone was born to write a D&D comic, it's him.


Ken O said...

I'm embarassed to say that even after numerous people have told me how good it is, I still haven't gotten through the first Game of Thrones book.

Michael May said...

I know, right?

In re-reading why I quit, it's obvious that I liked a lot about it, but it wasn't rewarding enough for me to keep going. My hope is that the TV show will get me interested in more of the characters and spoil the ending enough that I want to go back and give the book another shot.


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