Monday, December 27, 2010

Buy My Stuff: Savage Beauty #1

Hey! What's that on page 282 of this month's Previews catalog?

I don't mean to be misleading with the title of this post. I didn't write the story in this issue, but I did write a back-up article for it about the history of the jungle girl genre and why it's cool. Even if I hadn't though, I'd be looking forward to this issue. The real writer is Mike Bullock who's fresh off his long run with Moonstone's Phantom comics and has an interesting take on the concept that I'm very curious to read.


Kal said...

OMG that is cool. You have a middle name that is also your sight. When people start calling me Calvin 'Canadian Cave of Cool' Heighton, I will be only half as awesome as you. are like some jungle girl expert. That impresses me because you can search your whole life and never find one of those.

Proud of you my brother. You be living the dream again. I will be sure to pick up that issue now. I will tell everybody I know you.

(and I thought someone posting my silly cat pictures on their cubicle walls was cool. Was twice a 'Blog of the Day' too. But you got me beat to hell.)

Michael May said...

Thanks, my brother. I've got to get "Jungle Girl Expert" added to my business cards.


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