Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Awesome List: What do Captain Hook and Albus Dumbledore have in common?

Schooner or later...

Gary and Elaine at Catalog Living have a room that's too nautical for even me.

The Secret History of Captain Hook

Brian Till uncovers a speech by JM Barrie that further explores Cpt. Jas. Hook's connection to Eton, "the world's most esteemed high school" and makes a comparison to JK Rowling's outing of Dumbledore. It's an interesting study of how the lives of fictional characters extend beyond the printed page. Thanks to Tom Spurgeon for pointing it out.

Digital pirate comics

Red 5 (the company who brought us Atomic Robo) has started a new line of digital-debut comic series through Comixology, iVerse, and other digital comics platforms. The first of them is a steampunk pirate comic about a young woman who seeks to come out of the shadow of her famous pirate dad by finding the one treasure he could never get his hands on.

Meanwhile, Scott Christian Sava's (The Dreamland Chronicles) pirate comic is free for any Facebook users willing to click the Like button on Wowio's page. [Thanks to my Robot 6 colleague Brigid Alverson for that news.]

Commander X Adventures

Here's another online sea comic. It's not about pirates, but Commander X, the time-traveling hero from Nemo's The Undersea Adventures of Cap'n Eli. I'll have a review of the Cap'n Eli comic (and it's Sea Ghost spin-off) soonish, but in the meantime enjoy the Commander's adventure as he teams with the Sea Raider to stop the evil Baron Hydro. Fun stuff.

Nemo's also created a Mego-style action figure of Commander X as "The Undersea Knight" that you can get for a special price if you order today or tomorrow.

What the Helmet?

My pal Ken from That F'ing Monkey sent me a link to this Super Friends animation cel that - free of its context, especially - is too awesome for words.


Wings1295 said...

Love the odd Aquaman pic, but I have to say I like that nautical room, too...

Michael May said...

It's the boat number pillows that put it over the top for me. Too busy!

Kal said...

Thanks for the tip on those Commander X figures. I am ordering several of those bad boys as we speak.

Michael May said...

Nice! I'm envious.


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