Sunday, December 12, 2010

Writing is Hard: Bad Writing and Great Moments

Bad Writing

It's only in five theaters nationwide, so most of us will have to wait for Netflix, but this documentary looks fairly fascinating. It's about a bad poet who interviews renowned writers about the craft and how to improve.

8 Moments You Absolutely Need to Deliver to Your Readers

Larry Brooks has an excellent post on how moments in a story have to work together to support the Big Picture in order for a story to satisfy its readers. If you've spent any time studying the craft of writing, some of them will be familiar, but Brooks even talks about those in ways that I hadn't considered before. I especially like how he describes the ultimate goal of any storyteller: for readers to get "that feeling of loss when the book is done." I'm bookmarking this one to refer to later as I keep thinking about it.

Converging worlds

Jennifer de Guzman writes about how decompartmentalized writers lives have become thanks to social networking. I think this is a good - though sometimes scary - thing. I'm not saying that it works this way for everyone, but it's certainly helped my self-perception as a writer to have my creative life mingling with other aspects of who I am.

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