Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pass the Comics: The Jungle. Here I was born.

The Six Million Dollar Man fights a giant crocodile

Bully has the good parts (including sound effects!).

Tarzan of the Apes

Not the whole thing, but Grantbridge Street and Other Misadventures has a nice sampling of pages from Burne Hogarth's gorgeous adaptation.

Rulah avoids Death's Grim Reflection

Another awesome Rulah story by Matt Baker. In this uncharacteristically graphically violent one, Rulah takes on an evil prognosticator, his beautiful henchwoman, and her army of wild animals. [The Comic Book Catacombs]

Tiger Girl vs. the Blood-Hate Devil-Doctor

More Matt Baker. Like Rulah, Tiger Girl also has to fight an evil witchdoctor. [The Comic Book Catacombs]

Turok faces Two Kinds of Terror

Sort of a Turok meets Gulliver's Travels story. [Gold Key Comics!]


Scientists discover the Savage Land...with a scifi twist. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

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