Saturday, December 04, 2010

Quote of the Week: What to buy for someone who doesn't like comics

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io9 posts its gift guide for people not into comics, which seems to me a decent gift guide and not necessarily one good for people not into comics (for whom I suggest getting something not a comic).
--Tom Spurgeon


Ken O said...

I can see it now. -
"Hey Dad, I know you don't like comics but I bought you this over-sized, hard cover, 50 comic. Maybe you'll like it."

"Hey cousin Shawn, I know you're deathly alergic to peanuts but I thought you'd like these Girl Scout Tagalong cookies anyway."

"Merry Christmas everyone!"

Michael May said...

Ha! No kidding!

I know where that mentality comes from. Back in the day, comics fans knew - we just knew - that the only thing keeping our friends and family from digging comics too was that they hadn't yet been exposed to The Right Ones. If only we could get our girlfriends to read Sandman, they'd be converted. Hallelujah.

That's an outmoded way of thinking. With it being common knowledge now that comics are more than just Spider-Man and Batman, I think pretty much everyone's figured out whether or not they enjoy the medium.


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