Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Art Show: All in a day's crimefighting

The Fugitives

By NC Wyeth. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

The Teamster

By James Bama. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]



By George. [Art Jumble]

After the break: Batman, Black Canary, Black Widow, and Puck.

The Batman

By Nuno Plati.

Black Canary

By Dean T Fraser.

By Rory.

By Victor Santos.

By J Bone and Darwyn Cooke.

By Lan Medina. [Comic Art Community]

Black Widow (and Scarlet Witch, I guess)

By Eric Basaldua and Penichet. [Pink of the Ink]


By George O'Connor.

By Brett Wood.

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