Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Awesome List: Stomp directly to Tokyo; do not pass Go; do not collect $200

50 Jungle Girls

The Mighty Buttocks of Dumbledore has a list of fifty jungle girls, the idea being for his friends to create fan art based on them. I hope it catches on.

Liane, the Jungle Goddess

Men's Adventure Magazines has an article on Marion Michael, "Germany's answer to Brigitte Bardot," who starred in a couple of Liane, Jungle Goddess movies.

Monkey Gotta Be Free

I've no idea what the context of this is, but Brother Cal makes up a pretty good story about it.

After the break: more monkeys, a Firefly statue, and Giant Monster Monopoly.

Monkey Attack!

After last week's Awesome List item about confronting fears via giant chickens and Maury Povich, a reader shared this story of another fear-conquering experience gone horribly awry.

Giant Monster Monopoly

Lamont Cranston shows you how to customize your Monopoly game to make it 800% cooler.

River Tam statue

Buy yours here.


Gerald said...

Dorothy Lamour. If you do an image search on google and tab through several pages there are a couple other pics as well.

Ken O said...

I am going to have to buy a Monopoly game just to play with those rules. Now to find someplace that sells those Monsterocalpyse figures cheap.

Michael May said...

Thanks, Gerald! Man, she looks different than she did in the Crosby/Hope movies.

Ken, that's a brilliant idea!


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