Monday, June 28, 2010

Movie News Roundup: Yoda Died Today

EDITED TO ADD: Frank Oz did not die today. I'm sorry to those of you I scared. I totally wasn't thinking that my headline might be misinterpreted that way.

The American trailer

The Anton Corbijn spy movie starring George Clooney looks really good. I especially love the setting of the little village on the Mediterranean.

After the break: Green Hornet, giant spiders, Conan, Wonder Woman, Oz, and Star Wars.

The Green Hornet trailer

I know nothing about the Green Hornet (except for that one crossover with Adam West's Batman), so I don't care much about faithfulness. I'd love to see a hardcore, faithful Hero Pulp movie, but I'm not sure that Green Hornet is the character for that. I keep hearing about a possible Shadow movie by Sam Raimi, so that's where my hopes are. This one just looks like a lot of fun and I'm okay with that. [/Film]

Giant Iraqi camel spiders finally get their own movie

And that movie is Extraction. Undead Backbrain has the details. I hate and fear big, nasty spiders the way my son and Calvin do cephalopods, so I'm counting on bad effects making these beasties look fake enough that I'll be able to watch the movie without freaking out.

Here's Conan!

I'm still really nervous about the story for the new Conan movie, but Jason Momoa sure does look the part. [/Film]

Wonder Woman villain input

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on who would make the best villain in a Wonder Woman movie, both here and at Amazon Princess. Since this wasn't a strict poll, a few people offered multiple suggestions, but it came down more or less equally to Ares and Cheetah.

I didn't like the Ares idea at first until someone suggested that he could be the behind-the-scenes villain in the first film, manipulating other villains until Wonder Woman has to battle him directly later in the series. I'd still like to see Wonder Woman's first villain be someone who threatens her power as a role-model and I can see how Cheetah could be used for that, but it makes sense that Ares is actually the one pulling Cheetah's strings.

Yet another Oz movie

Add a fourth Wizard of Oz movie to the pile. This one's an animated sequel with an all-star cast of voice actors that includes Glee's Lea Michele as Dorothy, Dan Akroyd as the Scarecrow, Kelsey Grammer as the Tin Man, and Jim Belushi as the (formerly Cowardly) Lion. Martin Short and Oliver Platt (and of course Patrick Stewart) have also been announced for roles.

Star Wars with David

I've been introducing my eight-year-old son to Star Wars and talking about it on Facebook. If you're a Facebooky kind of person, I hope you'll come check it out. It's been a lot of fun.


Siskoid said...

Did you just make me fear for Frank Oz's life?

Word Verif: Nowbrid... that should be the title of SOMEthing

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I love that Star Wars poster so much. It was the one I had on my wall for years. How cool must it be to get to watch Star Wars through your son's eyes. I am so tempted to importa a whole boat load of orphans for that same purpose but it just wouldn't be the same. Now are you starting at Episode ONE or Episode FOUR. There is the dilema.

Jay said...

"Did you just make me fear for Frank Oz's life?"

Ditto, I totally thought you were going to say that Frank had passed.

Michael May said...

Oh crap, you guys. I totally didn't even think about that possible interpretation of the headline. I'm sorry about that. :o

Cal, we started with Ep 4. When he was much younger (three or four maybe?) I tried this and started with Ep 1. It failed for a couple of reasons. 1) He was too young, but 2) the CGI ruined him on the models and puppets of Eps 1-4. It was tough for him to make that transition and I've heard that a lot of kids have that problem. We didn't make it all the way through EMPIRE that time.

Fortunately, he remembers none of the plot points from Eps 1-3. All he really remembers is that someone named Qui-Gon died and that someone (he thought it must have been Luke) rode a giant lizard through a cave city with a bunch of robots in it. He was appropriately surprised and concerned about the reveal that Vader is Luke's dad.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I imagine him giving you that 'look' when he found out that Luke's Dad was evil. Bet he looks through you closet to see where you keep your outfit when you go out as 'Bad Daddy'.

Paul Chadwick said...

Jason Momoa's got the muscles, and I like the permanently-angry brows, but I hope they mess up that Calvin-Klein-ad-worthy face with some ugly scars first.

Conan can't be a pretty boy.

Michael May said...

Ha! Agreed! I'm afraid that the pretty boy is exactly what we're going to get, but it would be so much cooler with an awesome lip-scar or something.

And thanks so much for the comment, Paul! I didn't know you had a blog, but I'm a huge fan of your stuff and I'm adding you to my Google Reader right now.


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