Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pass the Comics: "You loosed your Attracto-Ray!"

Futura on Oceania

Futura's back at Lady, That's My Skull! And she's under water!

Part Two of Futura's undersea adventure.

Jann of the Jungle meets with Double Danger

The Comic Book Catacombs ran a bunch of stories recently featuring my favorite jungle girl. In this one, she fights implied white supremacists trying to stir up genocide amongst the jungle tribes.

More Jann, plus the snappiest dressed jungle boy, after the break.

Jann on the Day of Jungle Wrath

Jann tries to help a bunch of animals during a drought.

Jann vs a jungle Rampage

More thirsty animals, but this time they're endangering Jann's friends. This is also sort of an origin story for the jungle queen, though kind of a lame one.

Jann vs a jungle god With Fangs and Talon

Of course, it's not really a jungle god. Or is it?

Wild Boy vs. The Witch Doctor

A non-Jann story from The Comic Book Catacombs, but worth pointing out because Wild Boy's friend Keeto runs around the entire adventure in a loin cloth and dress shirt combo that has to be seen to be believed.

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