Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Twin Cities Adventure

I know this doesn't apply to or interest a great number of you, so I'll be sparing with this feature, but I occasionally run across cool, adventuresome things going on in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area and figured it would be nice to stick them all together.

Caribbean restaurants

Twin Cities food critic Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl recently spent some time talking to the Current (more on them in a second) about great places to get Caribbean food. You can hear the whole conversation below, but the short version is that she talked about Caribe, Smalley's Caribbean BBQ, and Harry Singh's. At the Current's blog, there a couple of more recommendations too: Victors 1959, and West Indies Soul. I've been longing for a list like this ever since Puerta Azul closed and knowing that there's a Puerto Rican restaurant in town again (Caribe) brings me great joy.

Dara doesn't mention Kokomo's in the Mall of America, but if you can handle the touristy atmosphere, I've enjoyed the food there too.

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily

Showing now at the Park Square Theatre until July 3. The website describes the play like this:

During a small matter of blackmail and missing jewels, Watson pines for Lillie Langtry, Holmes chases the infernal Moriarty, and Oscar Wilde gets some of his best lines. The wit and wisdom of Wilde, Arthur Conan Doyle and even William Shakespeare combine to offer up a delightful escapade that includes seduction and secrets, lies and lilies, mistresses and mayhem.

The Current is Nerd-Certified

Wil Wheaton gave the Twin Cities' (and probably everywhere else's) best radio station a very nice shout out. If you like modern rock-and-roll mixed with a healthy serving of the best of the older stuff, you should really give The Current a stream.

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