Friday, June 18, 2010

The Awesome List: Confronting Fears

Awesome Bookstores

One of you guys asked me about the picture of the bookstore that accompanied this post. That's another shot above. It's the Lello bookstore in Porto, Portugal and Mirage Bookmark has more pictures of it and other awesome bookstores around the world.

TV Win

I don't watch "reality" TV, but as soon as I can figure out what show this was, I plan to start. [Via Failblog, of course.]


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Those are the awesomely wicked Maury Povich 'FEAR' shows. They bring in people with crippling fears of things...mostly bugs or snakes or dogs or birds or kittens or chickens. I mean REALLY bad fears.

They are first interviewed and Maury will bring out a kitten or show only a picture of a kitten at which point the guest loses her shit and usually runs screaming. I kid you not.

Then after the torture, Maury has a guy hypnotise them and by the end of the show they can hold a kitten or a taratula in their hands and is some cases juggle them both at the same time.

It's the best thing I have ever seen anyone do a show on ever. The best one - and please know that to choose ONE is a real 'Sophie's Choice' for me. One woman was terrifed of cotton balls. So they got not one but TWO Maury interns to dress up like cotton ball snowmen. Must have taken them a day and half to glue all the cotton balls and these two. Then they came at her from both sides of the stage. I thought she was gonna DIE. At the end of the show both her and the interns without dignity hugged it out. It was beautiful man.

DAMN YOU - I was so going to be strong and not post for awhile to teach people a lesson about commenting more when they see something cool on my site. I SO want to break that moritorium now.

'Ease back can do it big fella. You don't NEED to post about this topic. You can walk away." I hate you and love you at the same time my brother.

Michael May said...

Ha! I love you too, my brother. I'll try to do more commenting too. :)

Anonymous said...

Woman attacked by monkeys after trying to conquer fear of monkeys:

grandpaboy said...

Thanks for posting the bookstore link - those shops are so beautiful.

Michael May said...

You're very welcome!

assmonkey, I'm very ashamed for finding that funny.


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