Monday, June 28, 2010

Art Show: Wish I Could Loot Part of Your World

The Little Merpirate

Artist Unknown. [Swing with Shad]

People of the Golden Atom

By Frank R Paul. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Black Canary

By Shane Glines. [Pink of the Ink]

After the break: The Terrible Trio, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Medusa, and Things from Space

The Terrible Trio

By Dennis Culver. [Robot 6]

Wonder Woman

By Adam Hughes.

By Chantal El-Bikai.

Wonder Girl

By Mike Allred. [Comic Art Community]

Barefoot Medusa

By Ronnie Del Carmen. [Kirby-Vision]

Blue Space Ship

Artist Unknown. [Brandon Graham]

Proxima Centauri

By Howard V Brown. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


Anonymous said...

I didn't mention it in my own post, but that Pirate Ariel drawing is based on this painting that can be seen on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride:

I'm sure you knew that too

Michael May said...

No! I didn't know that! Cool!

That's definitely going in a future post. I don't know how many times I've been on that ride, but I've never noticed that painting. I love it!

CaptainChants said...


Cheers for putting my Wonder Woman image up on your post!!!!

Really cool checking out the other images too :D :D

Hope you're having a good day : )

Michael May said...

Thanks, Chantal!


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