Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Awesome List: A Central Archive Devoted to Sea Monsters

Britain and Sea Monsters

The British Royal Navy says that while sailors are welcome to record sea monster sightings in their log books, they aren't "required to do so and none of the information is assembled in a central archive devoted to sea monsters." Not by the Navy, anyway. They forward that information to the UK Hydrographic Office, the division of the Ministry of Defense responsible for producing nautical charts. What happens once it gets there is anybody's guess, but I certainly hope that someone is keeping track of all this. [The Daily Telegraph]

Pterodactyl Hunters

Coolest comic design ever.

After the break: Giant cardboard robots and a space girl doesn't quite fight a space octopus.

Giant Cardboard Robots

I especially love the cardboard top hat. [io9]

Space Girls Hate Cephalopods

But seem curiously undisturbed by them. Boy, that octopus really loathes her boots though. [Brother Calvin]

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