Monday, May 31, 2010

Art Show: L'Esclave Blanche

Human Torpedo Strike

By Mort Künstler. [Illustrateurs]


Photo by Kimli. From the ceiling of a bar she visited. She's also got some video where you can see the rest of the ceiling.

The Glory of Tiki

Artist Unknown [Discovered during the travels of Admiral Calvin]

After the break: a jungle girl, Hellboy vs. Silhouette, a voodoo warrior, Frankenstein vs Dracula, robots, their space girl, and mythological maidens.

By Constantin Belinsky. [Illustrateurs]

Hellboy vs Silhouette

By Victor Santos.

By Jesús Alonso Iglesias.

Voodoo Warrior

By Travis Hanson.

Frankenstein's Monster

By Stefano Caselli. [Hey, Oscar Wilde! It's Clobberin' Time!!!]

Beyond the Grave

By Frank Frazetta. [Illustrateurs]

Robot Heart

Artist Unknown. [Brother Calvin]


By Lorenzo Etherington.


By Mike Deodato. [Pink of the Ink]

The Moon Maid

By Sam Hiti, after J Allen St John.

Dawn Attack

By Frank Frazetta. [Illustrateurs]

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