Thursday, May 06, 2010

Comics News: He talks to fish

Geoff Johns discusses Aquaman

Johns keeps his Brightest Day cards hidden really well in this interview, but he does talk a bit about why Aquaman is cool:
He's a character that everybody knows. He has had successful runs in the past, and I guess he's probably more well known to the general public than Green Lantern even is at this point...
And defends him against those who think he's lame:
The whole thing is, they always say, "Well, he talks to fish." It's part of who he is. I think there are some inherent things that may be there, but every character is like that. I think the key is to embrace what Aquaman is and not turn away from it. So often, we turn away from the core of what Aquaman is. I think the key to success is embracing exactly who Aquaman is while adding some dimensions to it, building off the strong foundation that's already there. There's a reason the character is popular. There is a reason that people like that character. If you look at the mainstream DC t-shirts that they sell in stores, Aquaman is always there. He definitely has an audience.
I understand the need for secrecy about story details, but I do wish he'd said more about who exactly he thinks Aquaman is. That "iconic interpretation," as Dan Didio calls it, is going to be what makes or breaks this relaunch of the character. Surely Johns could've talked about that without revealing Brightest Day story details?

A masked Nazi-fighter, a Daring contest, and the Day of Death after the break.


Spain gets all the best comics. Someone please get Victor Santos and Jesús Alonso Iglesias' graphic novel about "heroes, Nazis, and ancient secrets" translated into English right away.

Alison Dare: The Contest

Alison Dare is a comic by J Torres and J Bone about the 12-year-old daughter of a world-renowned archaeologist and a masked superhero called the Blue Scarab. She's also the niece of an international spy/master of disguise. To celebrate the reprinting of her adventures, Tundra Books is holding a really cool photo contest where you can take Alison on new adventures.

Death-Day: Part I available for pre-order

Sam Hiti's offering a limited-edition collection of the first four Death-Day episodes for only $20. That's over 140 pages of story and art, so it's quite a bargain. The offer goes away once the book goes to press though, so order quickly.

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Sleestak said...

Aquaman was probably at one of his best depictions during the Detroit JLA era.


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