Saturday, May 08, 2010

Awesome List: Tonner's Leila doll from Jonah Hex

I'm not fond of Megan Fox, but that has everything to do with how she comes across in interviews and nothing to do with the way she looks. She certainly makes a very lovely doll, but then, all of Tonner's dolls are lovely.

This one from Jonah Hex will debut at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That figure looks awesome and I too dislike Megan Fox. As you know it's not for what she says but it's because she has 'toe thumbs' and that is a dealbreaker for me.

The only Tonner figure that I absolutely hate and it's also my least favorite character figure ever is the one he did of the Joker. Have you seen it. That face is not scary or menacing it's just sad. It's a damn shame it ever got out on the market.

But their Batgirl and Black Canary are gorgeous.


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