Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Comics News: New Namor series

Though I talk about Aquaman quite a bit, I don't fundamentally like him more than Marvel's Sub-Mariner. I think Aquaman's more interesting from a pop culture standpoint simply because he's got such an awful reputation, but Namor's generally been handled much better by Marvel and is the better-developed character.

The reason I haven't been keeping track of Namor a lot recently is that I lost interest in wading through Dark Reign and Dark X-Men and whatever other Darkness I was supposed to keep up with in order to understand Namor's current adventures.

I hoped that this new Namor series by Stuart Moore and Ariel Olivetti would correct that, but I see that it ties in with/is spinning off from another "event," the X-Men vs vampires "Curse of the Mutants" storyline. Marvel's calling it an ongoing series though, so hopefully it lasts long enough to settle down eventually and just tell some cool undersea adventure stories.

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