Monday, May 03, 2010

Movie News: The Happiest Hive of Scum and Villainy on Earth

Well, the Twitter experiment is a bust. Partially because I got tired of struggling with Tinying links, but mostly because it just wasn't as much fun. Time consuming as they are, I actually like creating these posts. Thanks for your patience while I figured that out.

Some of the stuff below was on Twitter last week, but not all of it.

Empires of the Deep

Empires of the Deep is the undersea adventure being produced by both US and Chinese filmmakers. I've talked about it before because I love the concept, but I've also been skeptical that it'll be any better than Dragon Wars. There's some encouraging news though in that Olga Kurylenko (Hitman, Quantum of Solace) will be in it. Dragon Wars also had some folks I liked in it, so this is no guarantee of quality, but Kurylenko is much better looking than Jason Behr and Craig Robinson. If nothing else, the movie will still be breathtakingly gorgeous. [/Film]

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Repeating myself from Twitter: I'm tempted to take a cynical view of Dreamwork's greenlighting a How to Train Your Dragon sequel, but a) this should come as absolutely no surprise, and b) I loved the first one so much that I'd like more. I just hope it's more along the lines of Shrek 2 (which I liked better than the first one) than Madagascar 2. [/Film]

Robin Hood Stills

/Film has tons of them.

A teenaged assassin, Thor, and Star Wars Land after the break.


The gal from Atonement (not Keira Knightley; the younger one) is playing a girl who's been trained by her CIA father (Eric Bana) to be an assassin. As I said on Twitter, this could either be really cool or Hitgirl 2. Because of the actors involved (Cate Blanchett's also in it as the girl's handler), I suspect it'll be really cool. [USA Today]

Here's Thor!

I'm a little disappointed that he's wearing Thor's current armored look and not the traditional Marvel costume, but dang if Chris Hemsworth doesn't pull it off. He makes it look better than it looks in the comics right now. [Yahoo!]

Star Wars Land

Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios is getting a whole area dedicated to Star Wars, including a cantina-themed restaurant. Updated: I tried to be really careful about what I read on April 1, but they still got me. I hate April Fools Day. [The Disney Blog]


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I totally agree with you over 'How To Train Your Dragon'. It was perfect the way it is. It doesn't need a sequel and in fact a sequel will only steal the magic from what was my favorite movie so far this year. They got EVERYTHING right. Why not put their time and creativity towards a new story with different characters from the vast treasure house of stories that are out there? I know I know...milk the golden goose. It's just such a shame.

Anonymous said...

That Star Wars Land item was an April Fools Day gag. Check out the last sentence of the post...

Michael May said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I freaking hate April Fools Day.


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