Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pass the Comics: Jungle Folks and Carson of Venus

Thun'da, King of the Lost Lands

In honor of Frank Frazetta, The Comic Book Catacombs has posted all four stories from his and Gardner Fox's Thun'da, King of the Congo #1. This first one tells the origin of Thun'da.

Thun'da leaps to meet the Monsters from the Mist

In which Thun'da fights woolly mammoths and gorilla-men.

Thun'da stood alone... When the Earth Shook!

In which Thun'da gets a pet.

More Thun'da, Rulah, Kaänga, and a space monster after the break.

Thun'da goes to war against The Gods of the Jungle

In which Thun'da searches for a new home and fights an evil man with a beard.

Rulah foils the Miserable Mankillers

And also fights dinosaurs and discovers a lost city. [The Comic Book Catacombs]

Kaänga understands the need for Weapons for Victory

In which kind of a cool connection is made between Kaänga's spears and Nazi-killin' bullets. [Lady, That's My Skull]

Carson of Venus

Diversions of the Groovy Kind has the first couple of installments from DC's adaptation (illustrated by Mike Kaluta!) of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Pirates of Venus.

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