Friday, May 21, 2010

Art Show: Play it Again, Sallah.

This is Not a Pipe

By Kyle Baker.


By Gustave Dore. [As was I, Caleb Mozzocco was struck - though much more so - by George O'Connor's accurate depiction of the Ethiopian Andromeda in his graphic novel about Athena. She's much different from the actresses who played her in the two Clash of the Titans movies and the many classical interpretations that Caleb has handily collected in this gallery.]

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

By J Allen St John. [Illustrateurs]

After the break: a dinobot, giant insects, Indiana Bogart, Modesty, Zatanna, Conan, and Cleopatra.

Robot T-Rex

By Travis Hanson.

Terrible Attack by a Larva of the Puss-Moth at Covent Garden.

By the editors of Strand magazine. [Futility Closet by way of David Malki]

Raiders in Casablanca

By Erik Johnson (who was nice enough to comment on my post about Casablanca a couple of weeks ago).

Modesty Blaise

By Peter O'Donnell, who unfortunately died earlier this month. I've never read Modesty Blaise, but I've always wanted to. [Steve Epting]


By Brian Shearer

Conan and Dancer

By John Buscema. When I think of Conan, he's usually sitting in a tavern surrounded by dancing girls and other wenches and he's always drawn by John Buscema. [Illustrateurs]

Cleopatra in Space

By Wil Overton. [Cleopatra in Spaaaace!]


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Um Wow. Thanks Michael. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine you showing my work off at your fantastic establishment here. I just thought you might get chuckle out of it and that'd be the end of it. This has been a total surprise and bright spot on a buggy day, thank you so much.

Rich said...

When I think Andromeda, call me a sci-fi geek, but I think Lexa Doig

Although that painting wold make for an excellent pose for the actress, if I do say so.

Aside: Yay for ERB!

Oh, I don't see how your label for Indiana Jones with this post at all. Please elucidate.

Michael May said...

It's 'cause of the Raider of the Lost Ark/Casablanca mash-up. :)

Rich said...

I REALLY did not catch that.


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