Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Awesome List: You! The one who is moving now!

Deep Green

I almost have all the technology I need to complete my ocean lair. I've got the floating city, the personal subs, and even cool helmets for my henchmen. And now I've got something to power it all with. According to CNN:
The technology comprises of a turbine attached to a wing and rudder which is tethered to the ocean floor by 100 meters of cable.

Anchoring "Deep Green" and steering the tethered "kite" enables the turbine to capture energy from the tidal currents at ten times the speed of the actual stream velocity...

When operational, the turbine is expected to generate 500 kilowatts of power.
[Admiral Cal]

Tarzan GelaSkin

Dark Horse has been making these gel laptop protectors for a while now and I've just been waiting on one to scream my name. This one's not screaming, but it's whispering very persistently. (There's an iPhone skin too, but I don't need one of those yet.) [Comic Book Resources]

After the break: Pulp Month, Jade Van Helsing, and the goofiest Klingon.

Pulp Month at Take the Helm

April was a month-long celebration of Pulp at Nick Ahlhelm's blog. It's too late to watch it unfold as it goes, but not too late to explore the archives with cool articles on Spider-Man Noir, Tales of the Shadowmen, Dark Horse's Tarzan comics, DC's First Wave, '80s and '90s Tarzan movies, Femme Noir, Moonstone's new Air Fighters revival, Hilly Rose, Anthony Tollin's Doc Savage reprints, Hellboy, The Perhapanauts, Athena Voltaire, and more.

Dead Cell: Jade Van Helsing

Either my Web Fu skills have failed me or Jade Van Helsing is an original creation of Triad Toys (as opposed to being from a video game or a comic or something). She does have an elaborate backstory as detailed on Triad's site, but I post about her only because I think she looks cool. [Brother Cal]

Experience Bij!

Here's some context if you need it, but it's no less insane or goofy that way. Just less funny.


Rich said...

I like your taste in laptop protectors, although I do think there are better images. However, this image has a nice kinetic feeling. Note the Apeman's tense arms.

Oh, I reposted your "Goofiest Klingon" on my blog. It actually has a deeper meaning to me, and other people I may know, because the actor shown and the game it comes from were the origin of at least two playing cards in the Star Trek card game back in the 90s.

Michael May said...

Yeah. Tarzan's a bit pretty for me in that painting, but I do like the standoff with the cat.


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