Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Plump Sister becomes an Old Sinner

If you haven't checked my Christmas Carol blog in a while (or just didn't know about it until now), I've given it a new name. Plump Sister was me being clever, but at the sacrifice of providing an accurate description of what the thing's about. The new title not only describes Scrooge through most of the story; it also comes from a more recognizable part of the text and isn't as easily confused with a porn site featuring large women.

I've also updated it a couple times recently. We've started looking at the first scene with Scrooge's nephew and have covered Dickens' text, the silent movie version, the Seymour Hicks film, and the Reginald Owen one.

I update as I have time rather than on a regular schedule, so it's best experienced in an RSS feed (there's a handy subscription button at the top of the sidebar), but it's turning into a fascinating project. For me, anyway. I hope you'll check it out if you have any affection for that story.

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