Tuesday, May 04, 2010

TV News: Dinosaur shows, JJ Abrams spies, a post-Jedi cartoon, and more

Terra Nova cast

Steven Spielberg's show about a time-traveling family in the age of dinosaurs may have its first cast member. Kyle Chandler (also known in our house as The Handsome Man) has been offered the lead role. As the dad perhaps?

I hope he takes it. Not only is he a favorite actor of mine, he's got some experience running from dinosaurs in King Kong. [The Ausiello Files]

Reign of the Dinosaurs

A while back, /Film had some interesting evidence suggesting that Pixar might be working on a dinosaur movie. No such luck, unfortunately, but they are working on a Discovery Channel special called Reign of the Dinosaurs. The subject matter sounds fun, if not all that ground-breaking. The visuals should be really cool though. [/Film]

Animated Star Wars, Big Bang Blossom, and the family that spies together, after the break. 


I'm not sure how I feel about this, but NBC has picked up JJ Abrams' new spy drama Undercovers. One the one hand, it's a spy show and that's a good thing. On the other hand, while I enjoyed Alias, it became apparent that the writers didn't always know what they were doing or even where the show was going. And, unfortunately, that's true of enough of Abrams' other shows that it makes me cautious. He's a fantastic idea man and I love his work, but he doesn't always end his TV series as strongly as he began them.

This one's about a married couple who used to be CIA agents, but retired when they fell in love. They're pulled back into the spy-world when a former colleague is kidnapped and they have to help find him. They then realize of course how much they miss it and decide to get back in permanently.

I don't know if you can relate to my nervousness, but that's not an idea for a series. That's an idea for a first act. How good the series is will depend on the villains and threats that our spies have to face each week, but the show's synopsis makes it sound like it's all about the romance and the chemistry between the two leads. You can't make a show about romance and chemistry. A good show ought to have those things, but it's also got to have a story.

I'm not saying that Undercovers won't. In fact, it's JJ Abrams, so I'm 100% sure that there will be a story and that I'll love it - at least for a while. There's just no indication of it in the official synopsis, so it's hard to get excited about.

What's easier to be excited about though is some of the casting. Martha Jones' sister from Doctor Who is one half of the couple and Gerald McRaney (Simon and Simon, Jericho) will play their CIA boss.  [The Ausiello Files]

Big Daddy vs Batman

I'm often on the fence about Nicholas Cage, but this video reminds me why I do like him so much of the time. It's him vs Adam Freaking West in a Batman trivia contest.


Animated Star Wars

First of all, don't get excited by that image. It may be an official licensed product, but as far as I know it's not from a real show - in development or otherwise.

But it is likely that we'll be seeing an animated Han Solo of some style in the not too distant future. /Film reports from LucasFilm's C2E2 presentation that a fan asked Director of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet about the possibility of post-Jedi adventures with Luke, Leia, and Han. Sansweet's response was that there will be "in the new animation."

/Film (based on information from IGN) takes that to refer to the animated Star Wars sitcom being developed by Robot Chicken's creators. I suppose that's possible, but this report makes that sound much less certain. I didn't attend that panel, but from what I can tell there doesn't seem to be any reason that Sansweet couldn't have been referring to the cartoon based on the Star Wars: Galactic Heroes toys. From the rumors I'm hearing, that show may follow an anthology format and cover a wide variety of Star Wars eras, so why not post-Jedi?

Blossom on Big Bang Theory

To tell you about her character would be to spoil some stuff, so I won't. But Michael Ausiello will, so head over there if you want the skinny.

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