Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Awesome List: Like can lead to Like Like

I'm at SpringCon right now, but here's some cool stuff to look at if you can't be there too.


I wasn't sure where to put this picture from Brother Cal's blog, but I knew it had to go somewhere.

45 Years; 28 Catsuits

Now that Chris Sims is writing for it, I have a reason to read SciFi Wire again. As he says in the intro to this article, "Sci-fi has always promised us a future filled with jetpacks, lightsabers and, most importantly, women in black leather catsuits. Sadly, in real life—except for Comic-Con—it continues to be pretty rare." True that.

His subsequent list of movie and TV catsuit-wearers is an awesome retrospective and would make an even more awesome weekend marathon. If - you know - you didn't have to sleep.

Bone You

This has nothing to do with adventure anything. I just thought it was really funny and cute.


Rich said...

Do I get points for recognizing the Hand of Gorgo?

Michael May said...

Absolutely you do! Thanks!


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