Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Movie News: Iron Man vs Sub-Mariner

Namor references in Iron Man 2?

Comic Book Movie makes a pretty good case.

Sherlock Holmes 2

On the way. [/Film]

Runaways director and screenwriter

Still excited to see this moving forward. The director's the guy who did Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. [/Film]

After the break: a Resident Evil 4 poster, a Logan's Run remake, troubles with The Hobbit, and Harrison Ford won't say "fluffy."

Resident Evil 4 Poster

"A New Dimension of Evil" is lame. The rest is awesome. [/Film]

Logan's Run remake

They're talking to a director about it, so I guess it's getting made. I'm kind of happy about the possibilities for this, especially if they stick more closely to the novel (which I read over and over again as a kid) than the '70s version did, fun as that was. [/Film]

Hobbit Troubles

The biggest movie news this past week was that The Hobbit movies are going to be delayed by MGM's financial troubles, which means that Guillermo del Toro is no longer available to direct them (though he's still involved with the scripts). Peter Jackson remains committed to the project, but hopes for his stepping in to direct are dim.

Stuff Nobody Cares About But Me: Morning Glory trailer

JJ Abrams has a -- well, I guess you might could call it a romantic comedy, though that's certainly not the angle the trailer plays up. And though there's obviously a romantic component to the story, I hope that's not the angle the movie focuses on either. It seems to be much more a story of a woman's (Rachel McAdams) discovering what she wants from life, which sounds really trite when I write it like that, but is something that JJ Abrams did pretty well with Felicity and I wouldn't mind seeing him do it again. Also it's got Harrison Ford (in what looks like a fun role for him for a change) and what looks like is going to be a very small, but funny role for Modern Family's Ty Burrell.


Darius Whiteplume said...

Namor was my second favorite Marvel character, behind Doctor Strange. Unfortunately I did not get into either until Marvel ruined both books. Oh well. Saved me money on comics ;-)

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I'll I'm hoping for is a better title than "Sherlock Holmes 2"

"Logan's Run", I've heard plenty about it word of mouth but haven't actually seen the film. Apparently in the future panties are non existent.

Hadn't seen the trailer for "Morning Glory". Not sure what to make of the film itself, but Harrison Ford definitely looks like he's doing something other than standing around reminding us "I used to be hot stuff!" Also, is it just me, or is Patrick Wilson everywhere now? Perhaps he's stalking me.

Michael May said...

That's why the future will be Awesome.

I didn't recognize Patrick Wilson, but when you made that comment I looked him up and realized that he was Nite Owl and will be Lynch in the new A-Team movie. Pretty cool. I'll look forward to seeing him in a romantic-comedy role now.


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