Saturday, June 05, 2010

Art Show: Kingship of the Apes

Posting ten images a week hasn't been helping me make headway against my backlog. In fact, I'm getting further and further behind. So to help me catch up, this week's a whopper.

Cabin Boy

By Pierre Joubert. [Illustrateurs]


By Mike Hawthorne. [ComicTwart]

Kitty Pryde, Pirate

By Adam Withers. [Swing with Shad, a cool sea-themed blogger who's started his own set of Art Show posts.]

After the break: Way too much to list. Seriously. It's a butt-load of art.

Around the World Under the Sea

By Frank McCarthy. [Illustrateurs]


Cal, my boy wouldn't touch it either. He'd be standing in the other room screaming, "Smash it, Calvin! Kill it!"


By Yildiray Cinar.

By Liz Baillie.

Namor vs Doom

By Gil Kane. [Illustrateurs]


By Edmund Dulac. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


By Burne Hogarth. [The Comics Reporter]

By Chris Samnee. [ComicTwart]

By Andy Kuhn. [ComicTwart]


By William Stout. [Illustrateurs]

Desert Dinosaur

By Melvyn Grant. [Illustrateurs]


By GM Farley. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


By Ernest A. Bachrach. [Undead Backbrain]

Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii

By Richard Dang. [Undead Backbrain]

I Come from the Shadow World!

By Steve Ditko. [Bully]

Blek le Roc

By Jean-Yves Mitton. [Illustrateurs]

Conan '76

By Gil Kane. [Illustrateurs]

Buffalo Trader

By Tom Lovell. If anyone knows the actual name of this painting, I'd love to know it too. My Google Fu has failed me. [Illustrateurs]

The Man from RIVERDALE

By Fernando Ruiz. [Robot 6]

La Nena de la Gabardina

By Victor Santos.

Ben Grimm PI

By Francesco Francavilla. [ComicTwart]

Poison Ivy

By Karl Kerschl. [Comic Art Fans]


By Cameron Stewart. [Pink of the Ink]


By Erin Gallagher.

The Valkyrie

By Willy Pogany. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


By Brandon Graham.

Cosplayer Unknown. [Daily Costume]


By Cully Hamner. [Comic Art Fans]


By Lou Romano. [Frankensteinia]

The Dead Sungod

By Patrick Schoenmaker.


By Travis Hanson.


By Andre.

Tellos and Company

By Alex Ross as a tribute to Mike Wieringo. [Brother Cal]

Giant Robot

By Franco Brambilla. [Super Punch]


Wings1295 said...

How do you fit so much awesome into one post?!?! All amazing stuff! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a whole metric butt-load of art! And all nice, especally the two Rogues...

Anonymous said...

The robot is climbing up "Preikestolen" in Stavanger area, Rogaland, Norway.

You've taken a real picture and painted over it :)

Real image of "preikestolen".,r:0,s:25&tx=128&ty=27

Michael May said...

Good eye. I'm not the artist, Franco Brambilla is, but that does appear to be how he did it.


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