Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here's what else I've been up to online lately:

What Are You Reading?

Mini-reviews of Mystery Society, Perhapanauts Special: Molly's Story, and Agents of Atlas, Volume 3.

Prince of Persia

This week's Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs was about the Prince of Persia graphic novel. I was initially disappointed that it lacks the swashbuckling quality of the movie, but I learned to like it anyway.

Old Sinner

Scrooge's nephew comes for a visit in the 1971 animated special.


Jason Copland said...

Thanks, MM!

Ken O said...

I'm still disappointed with myself that they time I went to Heroes I didn't get to Craig Rousseau in time to get a Choopie in my sketchbook.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I liked Prince of Persia. Jake gets a lifetime pass from me because of 'Donnie Darko' of course but that movie had great stunts and settings and production values and a very well done ending which is where most of these movies usually fail. I suspect the writer made sure the ending was good and then worked backwards from there.

Michael May said...

Yeah, I really liked the movie too. I was hoping the graphic novel would be more like that. It was still a good comic; just not what I thought it would be.


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