Sunday, June 13, 2010

Art Show: Path to Goblin Village


By Bill Presing.

The Best Robot Pirate Airship Birthday Ever

By Jeremy Vanhoozer.

Our Newest Deep Sea Attack Ships

Artist Unknown, but the design is being put to good use by Admiral Calvin.

After the break: Namor, jungle girls, Kong, Zatanna, Death, Red Sonja, Xena, and some goblins.

Subby NYC

By John Buscema. [Nick Derington]

Jungle Girl

By Tiffany Ford.


By Frank Frazetta. [Rip Jagger's Dojo, who has more Kong art as well as the Bonga art it inspired.]


By Hoa Phong. [Pink of the Ink]

Cosplayer Unknown. [greyloch]


By Cliff Chiang. [Pink of the Ink]

Red Sonja

By Pasquale Qualano.


By Windriderx23 (sigh). [Pink of the Ink]

Muggy Woods

By Marian Churchland. [Brandon Graham]


By Travis Hanson.


Anonymous said...

I like the little frames around the art with this template

Michael May said...

I wasn't sure if I did at first (I tend to crop out extra negative space as much as I can), but it's growing on me. :)

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