Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elsewhere on the Internets: Cownt Tales Review

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What Looks Good for August

Last week's Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs was a look at cool adventure comics coming out in August. There's a lot of great stuff, but what I'm most looking forward to is Fantagraphics' English translation of The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec. Though one of the commenters has read it and lowers my expectations somewhat, I'm still very curious to read the source material behind the upcoming film. (Also in the comments, Kurt Busiek talks about his experience with the toys that inspired Moonstone's clunky-robot series Zeroids).

After the break: some quick reviews, the Teen Titans vs Ebenezer Scrooge Scrounge, and is Cownt Tales a Comic Worth Reading?

What Are You Reading?

Quick reviews of The Adventures of Red Sonja, The Amazon, Animal Crackers, and Funrama #1.

Old Sinner vs the Teen Titans

Because you demanded it! I've added Teen Titans #13 to the list of Christmas Carol adaptations I'm covering at Old Sinner.

Cownt Tales review

Johanna Draper Carlson was nice enough to review Cownt Tales #1 at Comics Worth Reading. I asked her to review it precisely because I knew she'd be completely candid about what she thought and she didn't disappoint. While saying that "if you find the idea of a vampire cow innately funny, this is the comic for you," she also calls it a "mixed-bag" and "an idea in search of something to do with it," which are both fair criticisms.

The three stories are very different from each other and I can see how that comes across as me looking for the right feel. A lot of folks are telling me that they like that diversity of moods, but I can certainly understand how it's not for everyone. Anyway, thanks very much to Johanna for taking the time to read it and write about her thoughts. I'm especially tickled that she couldn't resist a cow pun of her own, which is exactly the kind of thing that Cownt Tales is intended to inspire.

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Johanna said...

Thanks for sending me a copy, and for taking my comments so well. It's true, puns are the lowest form of humor. :)


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