Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pass the Comics: "Your Space Rovers feature looks a lot like our Flash Gordon feature"

The Vikings

John Buscema adapts the 1958 Kirk Douglas film. [Hairy Green Eyeball 2]

Pirate Prince

Three different Pirate Prince stories, the first of which is by Plastic Man's creator Jack Cole. [Cole's Comics]


Four pirate comics by the awesome Kate Beaton.

After the break: jungle aliens, dinosaur fighting, the death of Betman, Jack and Jill 2: Fetch Harder, not-quite-Flash-and-Dale fight a robot, and Space Quint.

Korak, Son of Tarzan enters the Alien Jungle

[Gold Key Comics!]

Thunderbolt vs Styracosaurus

[The Charlton Story]

The Massacre of the Innocents

Someone's murdering the great superheroes (or reasonable facsimiles thereof)! [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Max Overacts

In other news, I'm totally in love with Max's teacher. [Occasional Comics Disorder]

The Space Rovers

[Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine]

Space Quint

Jessica Hickman's web comic about everyone's favorite space cat. That includes the Cownt whom you can see snuggling a Space Quint doll in Cownt Tales.

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